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Do you want to download sharkfin.pcap file?


Looking at the content of the pcap, most of the traffic is HTTP, HTTPS and the rest is noise. However one packet that doesn’t seem right is UDP from to We know that this is not normal traffic but instead it’s crafted.

$ tcpdump -nnr sharkfin.pcap -As0 udp and host
reading from file sharkfin.pcap, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)
14:59:54.303760 IP > UDP, length 44

This doesn’t look like NETBIOS traffic at all, right ? Let’s convert from hex to ascii.

$ python -c 'print("\x69\x6e\x66\x6f\x73\x65\x63\x5f\x66\x6c\x61\x67\x69\x73\x5f\x73\x6e\x69\x66\x66\x65\x64")'