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What another sound again??? No it must not be a sound? But wait whaT? PHP-LOGO


Let’s look for any embeded strings to the image. Lucky enough, using “strings” again, we find the flag.

$ strings php-logo-virus.jpg | grep flag

However, the last part of the flag looks encoded. It looks like it’s base64 again, so let’s decode it.

$ echo -n 'aHR0cDovL3d3dy5yb2xsZXJza2kuY28udWsvaW1hZ2VzYi9wb3dlcnNsaWRlX2xvZ29fbGFyZ2UuZ2lm' | base64 -d

Downloading the gif from the extracted link, and opening it, it display’s “powerslide”. So the flag becomes: