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Dig deeper! image


The yoda image is a red herring. It did made me waste some time of my life :). So remembering that the image from Level 1 was pretty much the same, I decided to download both images and look for different bits.

$ diff yoda.png yoda_from_level_1.png

After confirming both images are identical, I knew the flag was not in the image, so it had to be somewhere else. Next I checked the source code from level 1 for differences.

$ curl | head > levelone_source
$ curl | head > leveltwelve_source
$ diff leveltwelve_source levelone_source
> <!-- infosec_flagis_welcome -->
<     <link href="css/design.css" rel="stylesheet">

We see two differences. The first one is the flag in the HTML comment field from Level 1. However Level 2 seems to have additional CSS, css/design.css. Let’s see what’s in there.

$ curl
	color: #696e666f7365635f666c616769735f686579696d6e6f7461636f6c6f72;

Yep, we got it. Since the hex encoded strings is actually an “id selector” in CSS, decoding it we get the flag.

$ python -c 'print("\x69\x6e\x66\x6f\x73\x65\x63\x5f\x66\x6c\x61\x67\x69\x73\x5f\x68\x65\x79\x69\x6d\x6e\x6f\x74\x61\x63\x6f\x6c\x6f\x72")'